This blog is to show people what it's really like to live with Rheumatoid Arthritis at 18. When I was diagnosed, I searched the web and found very few accounts showing the difficulties of dealing with this disease at such a young age. On top of this, there were NONE that described the college experience living with RA, which has inpired me to start this! I hope my account can provide hope and support to RA fighters of all ages, and especially to those who have just been diagnosed!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I did not know this!

I recently recieved a comment on My Story, and I thought I would share it! I had no idea that this was true, and it is something that I definitely think is important to know about. I will be looking more into acticles about the topic, and I will share my findings on here.

"Hi lauren, I am a middle aged woman mother and grand mother and live in Canada, I was diagnosed with RA at about age 3. I have done extreemly well throughout my life until this last June when I suddenly dropped dead with cardiac arrest. I had no idea as I am sure most people dont know that RA patients have 50% chance of sudden cardiac death due to the disease. I had no idea RA affected your heart and all other arteries. I wanted to tell you and your readers this in order to help keep an eye on your heart throughout your lifetime. I have always kept active, extrememly active despite my arthritis, I have RA bad in all my finger joints, ankles, neck, wrist, feet. I refused to let the disease run my life and never gave in until it stopped my heart unfortunatley I couldn't fight that one.I wish you all the luck and hope for a bright and happy future although you have been delt this disease.Ive had RA for 46 years now,you can live a good life I think you just learn to work around it and dont let the sickness stop you from living your dreams."

Also, I just want to say thank you for everyone who has visited and read my blog. I love the fact that people can relate and are willing to talk about it. If any of my readers have anything they wish to contribute, please let me know! Your comments and inspiring words mean so much to me. 

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